About us

We are a designer and manufacturer of timber structures. Thanks to our many years of experience, our team has developed unique expertise in the design and fabrication of glulam structures. We like to work closely with architects as well as all clients, starting from the early stages of the project, from the initial concept through the detailed planning stage to the implementation of the project and final inspections. We aim to make sustainable and beautiful buildings that will be appreciated by our clients today and also by their future owners.

Our timeline

2002 Opening of our business. Our primary business always has involved designing glulam structures
2004 Expanding what we offer to include the building of glulam structures and our first glulam roof structure for the sports hall in Twardorzeczka
2006 Striking a partnership with one of the oldest and largest producers of glulam in the world, Huttemamn, and becoming the exclusive distributor of Huttemamn’s products in Poland
2010 Introducing the innovative HBE glulam housing system (massive timber structures)
2011 Building our own modern production and office facilities, with an area of over 2600 m2, complete with storage facilities and a stock of structural glulam materials
2012 Creating the most advanced digital CNC woodworking centre in Poland, while changing the philosophy of structural design and implementing modern 3D software
2015 Developing the technology of HBE Fire barriers made of glulam, with fire resistance proven by tests and certificates
2018 Installing a pellet production line and refurbishing the boiler plant and heating system for our company
2020 A research programme to introduce the new KDK technology – a modern system for residential and commercial construction and load-bearing KDK Fire barriers
2022 Constructing a new building with overhead travelling cranes, purchasing a modern CNC line and launching the production of KDK and CLT systems